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You know it’s funny because every 10 months or so I’m hit with the sudden and very alarming need to watch Martin Mystery and I still have no idea why.

"Everything’s a clue, its just a matter of how you look at it."

Martin actually doing his job in Journey into Terrorland (via thenixkat)

"Why would a flying weresnake want to eat science fair students? There’s way more meat on the football team."

Martin missing the point in Wrath of the Venus Flytrap (via thenixkat)

"It’s been sealed up tight since those kids went missing. You can look around all you want but you’re on your own. No way I’m setting foot inside this place again."

An old man in The Vampire Returns, nope-ing himself out of the episode and showing more common sense than 95% of people in horror situations. (via thenixkat)

Have a little Tonio and Martin


I want to see more of their friendship!


Diana from Martin Mystery~

Martin Mystery fandom ROLLCALL!


How many are we? 

What messes me up…


Is that Martin Mystery is the leader of the Storm Hawks.

He’s also the new Shane in Slugterra

And a carebear


Ready for the Hype Train *FOURTH FUCKING SEASON!!!*


I freaking love this panel because holy frag, Wing… how strong ARE YOU?!
Though now that I think about it, this does present a magnificent opportunity for an “I trust him as far as I can throw him” joke somewhere.
(And Drift’s adorable little surprise lines. “but you’re tiny HOW DID YOU EVEN…?!!?!”)

one of my school friends has a wacom screen tablet and shes letting me play with it hehehehe

Warm up Nautica cause I love her.