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Anonymous said: Who is Ryan Finn?


Heh, Ryan Finn is an OC who kinda became more than I was intending. 


Back when ghost-speak headcanons were huge (like, ghosts have their own language and Danny accidentally speaks it sometimes) he was introduced to fill a one-time role. 

He’s an old college friend of Lancer’s, tall, lanky, baby-faced, socially inept, happy as all get-out, and fascinated with the paranormal. He doesn’t have a job, but he’s studied ghost speak on his own time. Lancer (sorta accidentally) recruits Ryan to help translate Danny’s nonsense essays. Until Ryan gets a bit TOO involved and ends up tailing poor hapless Danny.

He was first in Ghost Speak: the Teacher part 1, then also in part 3, part 4,  part 5, and this short fic with another popular OC Wes.

The Ryan Finn tag is full of hecka great people who’ve done awesome fanart and cosplays of him. (also the Ryan Finn tag on my blog)

mildly-mandy said: To make up for my last ask, is there a list of sounds the DEs make? It seems like something that would be constantly added to.


Just sort of what’s come up in the fic.

Constructions - snickt

Prowl - click

Getaway - bomp

Skids - rata-tat

Ultra Magnus - drrmm drrrm

Whirl - zuff-huff

Tarn - hiss (and vrrm/VREET engine noises)

Misfire - chattering

Fulcrum - bwee

Kaon - screep-screebling internet dial-up and ZAP

Rewind - [no sound, only blinking]

Chromedome - bleep-bloop bleeop

Cosmos - his lid pop-pops

Brainstorm - honk

Perceptor - pip-pip

Tesarus - whirr-chrrr grinder noises

Krok - beedle-beed

Vos - preset Italian phrases, and a lock chirrup

Rung - recordings off daytime TV

Swerve - recordings off YouTube

Tailgate - deet-deet

Cyclonus - he speaks in calculus. 

Blurr - Nyoom

Bob the Insecticon - chitter

Megatron/Nautilator - toom

Sunstreaker - mrr-mrr-mrop

First Aid - woop

…wow, there’s a lot of them.

A good reference~<3


TF: Domestic Electronics: Bubble-Maker by *Zanne

She did it again.  Zanne has been extremely busy, it seems and now she’s illustrated how she sees Tarn spending quality time with The Pet: squeezing!  That’ll get him his precious bubbles, at least until Kaon makes him cut it out.  Or until The Pet decides all the squeezing means Tarn really likes him and therefore needs to have dishwashing soap slobbered all over him regularly.

Reading far too much “Domestic Electronics" and chibi art lately.



hope they can survive in a vaccuum for a while cause it sounds like everyone who wasn’t original cast but also wasn’t on the Rodpod 2.0 might be.

takin a lil spacewalk



untitled by jackfreak1994

I'm An Otherwise Straight Man (Who Fell In Love With His Best Friend) →


To all of my OTPs










Arthur is affectionate when drunk, and can text really well when intoxicated.


Arthur and Merlin were caught texting in class, and the teacher read out the texts…. even the bit about the underwear.


So this is gonna happen in next issue right